Team Up With ZEE5 To Offer The Best Of Entertainment To Your Cable Customers

From movies to original shows, ZEE5 has a huge library that everyone would love to binge on! Read more to know why Internet Service Providers need to cash in on this trend.​ ​
It has been five months since people have been home. During the lockdown, there has been an increase in the amount of content being consumed by the Indian audience. People haven't been able to visit multiplexes as they would earlier as things have changed since the pandemic has hit the country. With consumers being confined to their homes, a big percentage of them moved to OTT platforms for their entertainment needs.
Right from movies like Yaara, Omerta, Uri: The Surgical Strike, Dream Girl to popular TV serials like Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya Before TV, ZEE5 has been a huge source of entertainment for the audience during the lockdown. With content available across 12 languages, there is something for every consumer. With easy internet availability and OTT platforms like ZEE5 rising to deliver entertaining content for people of different age groups, the audience has gotten hooked on to it.​
Cable operators have witnessed a drop of 15 percent when it comes to subscriptions as well as revenue. This is in addition to the decreasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). But some operators and ISPs have managed to keep their customers happy thanks to their foresight. A lot of top Internet Service Providers like ACT Fibernet, Alliance and many more have begun to include ZEE5 and offer a bundled package to their consumers. With this, the retention numbers have gone up by 10 pp since their partnership with ZEE5. This not only serves as a bonus but also adds value to the brand. As more people start consuming content on OTT platforms, the need for ISPs to provide them as a part of their offer would soon become a necessity. While each ISP ensures in providing a huge list of advantages for people to subscribe to them or use them, partnering with a platform like ZEE5 will increase your subscription numbers and help you retain customers. A differentiated offering such as ZEE5 would benefit all the commoditized offerings provided by ISPs.​
The future of entertainment is now in the hands of the OTT players, and it won’t be long before when customers demand these to be added to their plan. To stay ahead of the curve, ISPs should start including ZEE5 in their offerings to sustain in the market and get new customers added.
Now is the perfect time for Internet service providers and Cable operators to partner with ZEE5 and pitch a bundled offering with end consumers. ZEE5 has not only helped engage partner’s end consumers but also helped increase Retention and Acquisition numbers. Recent Ovum survey has mentioned that 30% of the respondents would prefer switching to other service providers if they get better OTT bundles.
ZEE5 has multiple product offerings – Bundled product, Ala carte and the Pre-paid product. Even if you are planning to launch a Smart Set top box or Streaming device or Content mobile application, ZEE5 has specifically designed product offerings to cater to you and your end consumer needs.

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